So you’ve got a website. Whether it’s been running for some time or it’s fairly new, how well is it performing?

If you’re not getting many enquiries from your website, depending on which industry you’re in, that could be an indication that your site isn’t working as it should. So what should you do next?

  1. Look at your Google Analytics. If you don’t have any stats management already set up, you need one. Google Analytics is very comprehensive and will tell you all you need to know.
  2. Ask for an independent review – it’s always good to have different opinions.
  3. Search for your services or products online. If you don’t come on page one, work towards that goal.
  4. If you do find it online but not easily, ask yourself why?
  5. Add a link to your website and social media everywhere, including your email.

Websites can look dated very quickly and visitors will soon tire of seeing the same content—particularly if your last blog was six months ago for example. Technology changes quickly and even if you updated the site as little as a few months ago, that may be too long. A good starting point is to research your competitors to see what they are doing, then aim to do better. Ask yourself, ‘why choose us’. Make a list of your downfalls and take action. Not next week, but today! The sooner you change what you’re doing, the sooner search engines will notice and improve your web site ranking. Not many people take the time to search beyond page two of Google’s results, so you need to take the time to increase your visibility.


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